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CNN Student News で福島のことが報道されました "be of a kind"

CNN Student News

福島についての報道 (Report from Fukushima)

CNN Student News で福島のことが報道されました。もちろん福島第一原子力発電所に関することですが、ちょっと悲しいです。そんな報道の中でちょっと気がついたフレーズがあったので紹介します。


ビデオ (Video)

まずはこちらの CNN Student News、5月22日分の放送をどうぞ。



トランスクリプト (Transcripts)

Next up today, we are crossing land and see to get to Japan. There`s an eerie sort of ghost town in the northern part of the country. It`s a city named Fukushima. And its residents had to leave after an earthquake and tsunami in 2011. In addition to killing almost 16,000 people and destroying parts of the Japanese coast, the water damaged the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant, and the danger that will linger for decades is of a kind you can`t see.




WILL RIPLEY, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Lifeless, decaying, desolate - Fukushima is virtually untouched since that awful day three years ago when people living here had just hours to take what they could and go.


Fields once full of crops now full of black bags with contaminated soil.


Right now we are on the bus heading towards Fukushima Daiichi. We just passed the police checkpoint, which stops anybody from coming in, and what we are seeing along this road are so many empty homes, empty businesses. 


A senior scientist and his research team at Fukushima University just published a study claiming the power plants operator Tepco grossly underestimated the amount of radioactive poison, Caesium 137 released during the meltdown.


This material has already gone into the ocean, it`s already there. He`s especially worried about contaminated fish in a country where most meals come from the sea. His research team says caesium spewed into the air during the meltdown and later fell into the water contaminating the North Pacific Ocean and the Japanese mainland. Tepco says the company`s radiation estimates come from the best information they have, but a spokesperson admits nobody really knows for sure.


This is my first time going inside one of the most dangerous places on earth, wearing special suits to protect us from radiation, we pass through security, board the bus and go to the heart of the Fukushima nuclear plant.


Piece by piece workers are trying to safely take it apart.


Even under normal conditions this is slow ruling (ph) work. This is reactor four, this reactor is relatively intact. But reactors one, two and three melted down. There`s a lot of damage, a lot of contamination and the cleanup is expected to take decades.


Outside, buildings battered by the 50 foot wall of water during the 2011 tsunami. Inside, a reactor control room with walls turned into makeshift notepads when the plant lost power. Water level measurements from workers trying to prevent the meltdown.


The invisible danger from Fukushima is why these town will continue to seat empty for years, as crews try to contain the slow moving catastrophe that turned their homeland into this wasteland. Will Ripley, CNN, Fukushima, Japan.


reference: http://transcripts.cnn.com/TRANSCRIPTS/1405/22/sn.01.html


be of a kind 



the danger that will linger for decades is of a kind you can`t see.



という文に注目してみたいと思います。lingerは「いつまでも残る」という意味です。Student Newsですがさすがに難しいですね。そして、


is of a kind 


の部分、分かりますでしょうか?この of の前に the danger(またはthat) が隠れていると考えると分かりやすいと思います。つまりこの文は、


the danger (that...) = the danger (of...)


という、単純な「説明型」の文で、重複を避けるため後のthe danger が省略されていると考えます。そして前のthe dangerをthat以下で、後のthe dangerを of 以下で説明しています。もちろんofのイメージはお馴染みの「リンク」です。説明をリンクしてthe dangerを「明確化」しています。なので「(危険)、目に見えない類のね」ということになります。


結局、of以下は「リンク」でthe danger を説明していて、そのことを一度理解してしまえば、後は何度か音読で口慣らし。そうするともう、省略とか考えなくても理解できるよになりますよ。


a kind you can't see の a は「(特定のモノに)決まらない」。目に見えない危険は放射能以外に一酸化炭素とかガスとか「ほかにもいろいろある」ということです。


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